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David Dancey-Wood is one of the leading wildlife pencil artists in the United Kingdom. Alongside an obsession to develop his artistic ability from an early age , David has always had a passionate association with the natural world. Through his style of art, he tries to accurately record every anatomical detail as closely as possible, blending both science with art. His hope is that his artwork will give future generations an accurate artistic record of today’s fast disappearing wildlife.   


He has been described as one of the finest primate artists in the world and his work has received a host of accolades from international experts in that field. For many years David has worked very closely with Alison and the late Jim Cronin at Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset as their artist. His pictures of chimpanzees and orang-utans come alive, with stunning detail of every hair and facial feature. In 2008 David was invited along with David Attenborough as a guest of honour for the re-launch of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Foundation at the Bafta theatre in London. 


He started his career as a zoological illustrator and was commissioned by a number of internationally renowned companies, his illustrations have been used by a wide variety of clients from top film studios to books and magazines.


Pictures by David are exhibited at galleries throughout the world and there is a long waiting list for his highly sought after rare original drawings. Prints of David’s work have become highly collectable often fetching high prices. His work in print hangs on the walls of over 30,000 homes. In 2007 an autobiographical account of his life and work was published under the title of ’Pencils Patience and Primates’.


In 2011 David was invited for his knowledge and skills by the renowned explorer Col Blashford Snell to join an expedition into the foothills of the Himalayas in search of a mysterious giant elephant. The animal was so large in size with such a distinct appearance it was believed it could possibly be a distant relation to the long extinct Stegadont.


From his extensive travels David has become a committed conservationist and is determined to help spread the word for environmental projects he has seen at first hand across the globe. He is passionately committed to the preservation of the worlds remaining rainforests through campaigning and lectures across the UK. 


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